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The Memory of Water LIVE Streaming Event 


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The Memory of Water

When:  February 13th, 14th and 15th 2015

Directors:  Vincent Lapas

Screenwriter:  Shelagh Stephenson

Genre:  Drama, Comedy


Three sisters come together before their mother’s celebration that she is dead and meet on the eve of the funeral, each haunted by their own demons. The play focuses on more how each sister deals with the death and how it directly affects them. As they laugh and share conflicting memories of the same events, they gradually reveal

how the hidden lies and long-standing strains of family relationships have profoundly defined each of their lives. An Olivier Award Winner for Best Comedy, “The Memory of Water” is an irreverent and witty exploration of how the bonds of family can either ensnare us in the past – or provide the strength to reshape our future


"This absorbingly entertaining play is full of dark humor and heart featuring three sisters – paranoid Mary, uptight Teresa, and strung out and bratty Catherine – who have returned home on the eve of their mother’s funeral after her battle with Alzheimer’s". Shari Barrett – BroadwayWorld -


"The Memory of Water is witty, tragic, irreverent and moving. Striking the perfect balance between comedy and tragedy, the production is not only an entertaining night at the theatre; it’s also a provocative exploration into the concept of memory and the powerful role it plays in our lives". Chris Manning – LifeInLA - 

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